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  • Review: Paloqueth G-spot Vibrator

    Review: Paloqueth G-spot Vibrator
                      Author: Princess Previews       Origin: Princess Previews I’m very lucky to run this blog and get sent all these amazing sex toys for review. But let’s face it, if I had to afford all these toys by myself? I’d probably have about four, despite my intense love for them. As a freelance artist, I don’t...
  • Paloqueth Dolphin Review

    Paloqueth Dolphin Review
    Author:Elia Winters     Origin:Elia Winters Two Paloqueth reviews back to back? That's right, folks! On the third day of Dicksmas, I'm writing a Paloqueth Dolphin review. I am a fan of this interesting little wearable vibrator, the same way I was a fan of the g-spot rabbit. The Dolphin is an effective toy with a few basic limitations. In my recent review of the Rabbit, I talked about...
  • Paloqueth – Rabbit Vibrator Review

    Paloqueth – Rabbit Vibrator Review
    Author:A Mess of Reviews     Origin:A Mess of Reviews I am finally done with my move and starting to settle into the new place. I forgetfully packed this toy before taking photos and have finally unearthed if from the never ending boxes to get this review posted! Rabbit vibes were once viewed as the best toy after a staring role in Sex and the...
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