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Passionate love is a quenchless thirst
Rabbit Vibrator
Rabbit Vibrator
Mermaid Vibrator
Mermaid Vibrator
Squeezable Masturbator
Squeezable Masturbator
Beginners' Dildo 
Beginners' Dildo
Prostate Massager
Vibrating Prostate Massager

Latest Blog & Review

We are talking more than sex here......

  • paloqueth.jpg

    Paloqueth Sonic Sucking Vibrator Review

    Have you ever seen a toy and wondered if it would hurt or feel amazing? Because that’s what was running through my head when I first saw the Paloqueth Sonic Sucking Vibrator. I was intrigued both by the shape and the claims of intense “touch-free orgasms”. I had to have one, and Paloqueth was nice e

    16 01 2019
  • paloqueth.jpg

    Paloqueth Tongue Vibrator Review by Lascivity

    When you imagine a vibrator, you probably envision something vaguely bullet-shaped. Modest, svelte, inconspicuous. The kind of thing that could be mistaken for a particularly rubbery tube of lipstick, perhaps. Not so with the Tongue Vibrator from Paloqueth. This thing looks like it was chopped off t

    11 01 2019
  • paloqueth.jpg

    Paloqueth – Rabbit Vibrator Review

    I am finally done with my move and starting to settle into the new place. I forgetfully packed this toy before taking photos and have finally unearthed if from the never ending boxes to get this review posted!Rabbit vibes were once viewed as the best toy after a staring role in Sex and the City. How

    04 01 2019
  • paloqueth.jpg

    Paloqueth Rabbit Vibrator Review

    The latest in my reviews from the Paloqueth brand is this Rabbit Vibrator. Now, if you’ve read my other reviews (butt plug set and vibrating plug), you’ll know thus far I’ve been fairly impressed by the cheap yet effective toys that Paloqueth have to offer.The Rabbit Vibrator arrives in a slimline

    26 12 2018
  • paloqueth.JPG

    Paloqueth Lube Launcher Review

    I am in the middle of packing and moving so here is another mini review for you all!I have always wanted to try a lube launcher even if just for the comedic value of squirting lube at someone. I was sent one from Paloqueth recently and found myself trying to think of the many uses of a lube launcher

    30 11 2018





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