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Augusta:9.6LB Sex Doll Male Masturbators

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Product Description

Fantasies come true with this ultra-realistic sex doll!

It is a delight to behold with its carefully recreated vulva with delicate, fleshy lips and a tight, puckered anus. There are a few points of stimulation in its internal chambers. The tunnels starts with vertical folds, leading to a section with nubs and suckers, that goes on to a twisting, tightening curve. Past the curve is a section with large protrusions and a deep suction chamber at the end.

An Eye Opening Experience!

The material is made of safe and non-toxic medical silicone (TPE), which is soft to the touch and feels almost the same as real people. this hands free male masturbator can be stretched repeatedly, and it will return to its original length right away. The silicone is super nice with plenty of ways to please yourself, and it can hold multiple positions because of flexibility.

Easy to Clean

Caring for this male sex doll is simple and quick. It fits easily in your bathroom sink. When you're done, wash it down with some warm water and liquid soap. Be sure to get the soapy water all the way to the bottom of the orifices, and flip her over so it drains out the opening. Do this at least 3+ times to ensure she is clean. Roll up a paper towel and by pushing it in from the middle longways feed one end all the way down into her orifices. Slowly pull them out while twisting them tighter so they don't rip, do this at least two times until the paper towel comes out dry.

Enjoy the Luscious Body and Realistic Details of the Sex Doll: This 9.6 lb lifelike sex doll perfectly replicates the look and feel of a woman’s curvy body. You can see the colors make it look realistic. With the weight of it you can set it down and use it without it moving. Its generous curves, slim waist and two textured orifices are perfect for enjoying a sensual solo moment. You'll love slapping the cheeks as a form of stress relief.

How Realistic and Enjoyable the Two Openings Are: This male masturbator has separate two orifices: a 6-inch-long ribbed vagina and a 5.9-inch-long textured anus. The vagina has a delightful inner texture that feels like the ture thing, while the anus has realistic ribbing that will deeply massage your most sensitive area. Both orifices have a flexible diameter to to accommodate your manhood, her only mission is to serve you up orgasms on demand.

Soft and Safe Silicone Material: Made of quality silicone that is malleable and does not tear easily, this sex doll is just waiting to be penetrated by your stiff member. You'll love caressing, nibbling, and spanking this delicious bum until the early hours. Our male masturbator does not have a harsh or unpleasant smell. Grab a hold of these charming cheeks as you plunge yourself inside of her tight orifices. You'll feel each intense thrust inside of this affordable sex toy.

Easy to Clean, Use and Store: To clean don't worry about destroying the toy by sticking our whole hand inside the canals. If you're worried that you will damage the male masturbators toys, use a straw cleaner or baby bottle cleaning brush to get in there and clean her out. Pat dry with microfiber towel and throw some powder on the sex doll torso and insert the drying stick inside both canals and make sure they are both dry before leaving the doll in storage.

Discreet Packaging with Extra Surprises: We care about your privacy and safety. Please use the drying wand so that there is no humidity inside. Plus, the packaging is very discreet. Unmarked sealed box inside an ordinary Amazon box with a secure and protective packaging, so your item won’t get damaged nor can anyone tell what is inside by shaking it.

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