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17 LB Torso Sex Doll

14 reviews
$199.00 $109.69
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Product Description
  2. Supple TPE flesh feels just like real skin

  3. This life like sex doll is developed from superior material TPE for soft, ultra realistic feeling skin and breasts that are truly amazing to touch. Run your hands over her sumptuous, lifelike flesh, squeezing her bountiful breasts and tweaking her erect pink nipples as much as you please.
  2. Incredibly realistic and detailed real-feel doll

  3. This amazing toy is one of the most realistic dolls available. Everything from her defined musculature to her silky smooth skin feels just like the real thing. Add a perfectly cast with juicy lips and superbly detailed clitoris, inner labia and anus, you couldn't ask for a more lifelike experience.
  2. Thrills your shaft with unique textures inside

  3. This love doll will fulfill your deepest fantasies and bring you pleasure beyond reality. Tease her soft lips with your tip, slide inside and feel the ribbed tunnel gliding up and down your shaft. Or slide your cock deep into her tight channel and enjoy the sensational climaxes that are sure to follow!

  1. Vaginal and anal entries offer tight, lifelike feel

  2. The vaginal canal measures 7.5 inches in length has a super stretchy opening and is textured to squeeze and caress your cock during penetration. The tight anus, measuring 7.1 inches in length that also leads to a textured tunnel filled with stimulating nubs and ridges for fantastic backdoor fun.
  2. [Realistic Life-sized Sex Doll] An entire lifelike torso here and ready to show you a wild time. With pert boobs, a slim waist, inviting lips, tempting vagina and beautiful bum, you can run your hands over her sumptuous flesh, squeezing her bountiful breasts and dive into her pussy or ass to experience enhanced pleasure!
  4. [Dual-entry Design] This sex doll features two completely separate tunnels for a distinct sensation depending on which one you choose. Her vagina is lined with ticklers and teasers for a stimulating massage. Her backdoor is covered with ribs and nubs for a super-tight squeeze sure to drive you wild!
  6. [Soft and Supple TPE] This male stroker is made from TPE material to give it the same look and feel of skin for the most lifelike experience possible. Squeeze her breasts, grab hold of her super-soft, supple skin, you can't even tell the difference when you close your eyes.
  8. [Textured Interior] PALOQUETH Male Masturbator Filled with wildly textured walls, laced with ridges and nubs, this realistic masturbator offers incredibly lifelike stimulation that mimics the sensation of intercourse, slide inside and let her squeeze and please you with every thrust!queeze and please you with every thrust!
  10. [Built-in Molded Skeleton] An entire lifelike torso is yours to adore, this hefty masturbator weighs over 17 pounds with molded skeleton in her back, which makes her stable enough for hands-free fun!
Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 14 Reviews
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Overall Great Product

Good quality and feel. Has a nice weight ro it and textures. I would like to see an XL version with a longer torso.

Enjoying the feel

This feels really life like and has a lot of weight to it. When I first got her, she came in an black box that was packaged in another brown box. Cleanup was fairly easy. Take her to the shower with me, lay her down on the tub, spray her down, soap up the outside and insides, and spray off the soap. For the internals, I changed the shower head to jet and spray the insides. She's heavier than I expected so I had to sit in the tub with her when soaping up due to the slipperiness. Once everything was cleaned and ready to go, pat her down with a towel and used the stick that came with it and a cloth to dry the insides. Applied some coconut oil and everything was ready to go. So far I have been using her to cuddle to sleep. The coconut oil helps with the stickiness. The skin is soft to the touch and smooth. Very much enjoy the experience.

Best thing since sliced bread!

First off the size is just right. Perfectly hide able and also close enough to life sized that when you close your eyes it might as well be the real thing! The frame inside is a great addition to the doll! That way it��s not flopping all about. Both of the entrances were beyond anything I would have expected! Material is SUPER soft and easy to clean!

Top of the line, Great product

The packaging is very discreet and comes with everything you need. The skin is really smooth and the built-in frame is great. It is overall very realistic and heavy. One downfall is the difficulty to clean. Still would rate 5/5

Great toy, a good change of pace

Love that this toy gives me a different way to get off than just with a handheld toy. Using a toy hands free feels great. The toy has a good amount of heft to it with its 17 pound weight, which keeps it place nicely when using it. I prefer using it by lying it down since it takes some strength to use cowgirl. The holes feel really good, with decent tightness and really good texturing which gives a really nice sensation. The material has a good mix of firmness and softness, and the outside skin feels nice and soft, especially if you use baby powder on it. The breasts are too small to be good for breast sex, but are nice to grab and feel while using it. Overall just being able to use it hands free and the weight of the toy make it really nice to use. Cleaning is everybody's least favorite part, but I found it to be alright with this toy. I use a douche bulb to get water into the holes to clean them out, which seems to work really nicely. A soapy rag works nice for cleaning up the outside. Overall it is a bit cumbersome to handle but cleaning is pretty good with this toy. The box includes a few accessories, including a manual, sample pack of lube, and a drying stick. Overall, I'm very happy with this toy, especially for the price it costs.

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