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HONEYBUNNY: All In One Penis Pump

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Product Description

Less work, more power

The p*nis vacuum pump has several different suction options that maintain the vacuum between certain values, which means you just have to choose a level and let it do its thing! The er*ction pump has two different size silicone openings to choose from so it can comfortably accommodate any schlong size from Lifted white truck to a humble civic. The side also has meat-measuring-markings in American (inches) and in European (centimeters), making it quite versatile.


Use with Caution and Do Search

A tip for cleaning the masturbator from someone who has silicone toys: It takes some getting use to for sure and definitely use lube around the rubber sleeve. Be sure to use the proper sleeve, or your testicles may end up in the tube. Do some research on p*nis vacuum pump and how to use them before buying and follow instructions and precautions.wash with warm water only. Soap can break down the silicone and cause your toy to become very sticky. When you're done, put a 1/4 tsp of cornstarch in a sealable bag big, turn the masturbator inside out, and put it in the bag to coat with the cornstarch. Turn right side out and repeat. this will also prevent your toy from getting sticky.

A Welcome Tech Upgrade for Pumpers/Enthusiast: Pumping sessions increase blood flow to the penile region, which can stimulate firmer, longer-lasting erections. Pumping can also heighten sensitivity, aid in stamina training and temporarily enlarge the size of your penis. A single 10-minute session can thicken and lengthen your penis for up to 24 hours.

Powerful Automatic Suction:The penis pump has three interchangeable attachments, including a realistic transparent mouth opening sleeve specifically designed to increase your pleasure for masturbation, imitating a sexy lady to suck your dick, and bringing you to orgasm very quickly. It is safe to ejaculate inside the masturbation sleeve as it is easy to clean.

Really increased length and girth:4 pressure levels are available for selection and can be training penile erection function gradually. You'll feel the pleasure of the vacuum, and reap the benefits of increased blood flow for a longer, thicker, harder erection. When you've reached your desired size with this mens penis pump, just press the valve to quickly release the pressure. Your new harder, thicker, bigger cock is ready for action!

Perfect pump for beginners: Though a sizable chamber, the seal is pretty tight and offers a good vacuum in which to see growth. The cylinder is clear with large measurements marked on the outside so you can keep track of your progress. The controls are easy to use and operate one of the four speeds of automatic suction at the touch of a button.

Use with Caution and Do Search: The electric vacuum pump is easy to operate, but caution should be used for the new or uninitiated user. We would recommend slow and progressive training, as well as some web research to acclimate the newbie. It allows for a hands-free experience while in the tube. Allowing the user, the oft necessary free hand to help out a like-minded buddy. Pumping tech has come a long way, and this machine will be a great addition to your ever-growing toy chest.

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