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  • Paloqueth Rabbit Vibrator Review

    Paloqueth Rabbit Vibrator Review
    Author:subsmissives     Origin:subsmissives The latest in my reviews from the Paloqueth brand is this Rabbit Vibrator.  Now, if you've read my other reviews (butt plug set and vibrating plug), you'll know thus far I've been fairly impressed by the cheap yet effective toys that Paloqueth have to offer. The Rabbit Vibrator arrives in a slimline black box, which, from the 4 toy's. I've tried seems to be...
  • Paloqueth Dolphin Vibrator Review

    Paloqueth Dolphin Vibrator Review
    Author:Countess Kassandra      Origin:Countess Kassandra This is the third toy I've reviewed for Paloqueth and I must say it is my least favorite. Don't get me wrong, I still like it. It's just that that their Mermaid and the G-Spot Rabbit work better with my particular anatomy. The Dolphin is like most toys, able to be used in a variety of ways. You can use it on nipples, testicles and clitoris....
  • Paloqueth Vibrating Anal Plug Review

    Paloqueth Vibrating Anal Plug Review
    Author:Marie Rebelle         Origin:Marie Rebelle When Paloqueth approached me to do product reviews for them, I knew that there was one product I definitely wanted to review: a vibrating plug. As I am a lover of anal play, of course I have always wondered what this would feel like. Paloqueth was kind enough to send me their vibrating butt plug for an...
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