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Paloqueth Dolphin Review

Author:Elia Winters     Origin:Elia Winters

Two Paloqueth reviews back to back? That's right, folks! On the third day of Dicksmas, I'm writing a Paloqueth Dolphin review. I am a fan of this interesting little wearable vibrator, the same way I was a fan of the g-spot rabbit. The Dolphin is an effective toy with a few basic limitations.

In my recent review of the Rabbit, I talked about Paloqueth as a company and how I came to review for them, so I'm not going to repeat that here. Go check out the other review for more info. I’m getting straight to the toy!

Out of the Box

The Paloqueth Dolphin comes in a hard-sided black box with elegant lettering. It looks classy and high-end, definitely something you would have spent more than $32 for.

Paloqueth Dolphin box

The inside of the box has the Dolphin vibrator, a remote control, and some instructions along with a charging cable. They're held in place by some foam. 

Paloqueth dolphin in open box

Here's what everything looks like out of its packaging.

Paloqueth dolphin and accessories on bed

The actual vibrator, the dolphin, definitely looks more like a whale to me. It's a U-shaped vibrator with one end significantly wider than the other. The wider part, which I'll call the head because it's literally decorated like a dolphin/whale head, is much wider than the tail. The tail has a small ridge on it for stimulation. Here's the toy from a bunch of different angles.

Paloqueth dolphin from sidePaloqueth dolphin angled up toward cameraPaloqueth dolphin top-downPaloqueth dolphin head with size comparison of thumb, slightly wider than thumbPaloqueth dolphin from side, showing the ridge on the tailPaloqueth dolphin from side with thumb comparison from side; somewhat wider than thumb from side 

The head of the dolphin has two buttons on it, power and vibration. You push power to turn the toy on and then the other button cycles through the vibration options.

Paloqueth dolphin controls

But you don't need these buttons much! Because the Dolphin also has a remote control.

The remote control for the Dolphin is a small round disk with just two buttons on it: yup, power and vibration. The other side of the remote is a battery compartment. The remote came pre-loaded with batteries.

Dolphin remote controlDolphin remote control back

The dolphin charges through magnetic charging. The charger connects magnetically to two small metal points on the dolphin.

Into My Box

The Dolphin was the first Paloqueth toy I tried, actually, even though I already posted my Rabbit review. (I know, I know. Doin'things out of order. SCANDALOUS!) I like the "wearable" type vibes, and I was in the mood for something hands-free, so I checked out the Dolphin first.

The info booklet that comes with the Dolphin gives you a bunch of ways to use it, some of which seem… well, far-fetched. (Balanced hanging over a nipple? What?) Since it's waterproof, you can put any end pretty much anywhere. If trying to use it for intercourse, wearing the tail in the vagina with the head over the clit is supposedly the best option. You can also put one end in each hole, vagina and anus. The possibilities are broad. But I was wearing it alone, so I decided on putting the larger head end into my vagina with the tail end against my clitoris.

Folks, this was a good decision.

There was a noteworthy hiccup: the buttons are on the head. But I stuck those fuckers right into my vagina. (I turned the Dolphin on first.) Fortunately, there's a remote control, so I didn't need to worry about pushing buttons inside myself. 

The Dolphin has two strong vibrators, and not the cheap buzzy kind, but the powerful rumbly kind. When I turned it on, well, WOW. I was pretty floored. The thick head of the toy pressed against my g-spot and gave me a nice "full" feeling, and I loved the little nub of the clitoral arm. It lined up perfectly for me. I had fun cycling through the vibration options even though I ended up back on the steady settings. I'm just more prone to getting off from steady vibration than patterns.  

Partner Potential

My husband and I struggle with lining up couples toys properly, and we didn't try with this one. It might work, and it might not, but that is way more dependent on the anatomy of the couple than a particular toy. But we did have some fun with the remote control option.

He came into the bedroom when I was testing this toy and, upon discovering that it had a remote, promptly stole the remote from me. He then proceeded to stand by the bed and tease me, cycling through the different options, finding ones he liked, noticing the ones that really made me make lots of noises. It was amazing. We also tested out the range. Supposedly, the remote has a 30′ range, but we started to lose contact at about 6′. So this probably isn't a good choice for a nightclub. But if you're next to each other? Hell yes. This bad boy is awesome. 

Cheers and Caveats

Like the Rabbit, the Dolphin get a huge cheer for the price point. It costs $32, far less than other similar toys.

Cheers for powerful, rumbly vibrators instead of shitty itchy buzzy vibrators.

Cheers for 100% waterproof. I love my baths, and sex toys make baths even better.

Cheers for beautiful packaging and medical-grade silicone toys. If this weren't a good quality material, it wouldn't be anywhere near my bits.

Cheers for a regular remote control. Bluetooth technology is fun for long distance, but it drops connections all the time. Remotes that work are nearly as good.

Caveat: remote does not work anywhere near 30 feet, and definitely not through walls.

Cheers for a toy that you can insert however the hell you want. Big end? Small end? Both holes? One hole? Wrapped around sensitive bits? This baby is the Swiss Army Knife of u-shaped vibrators. 

Caveat: I'm not really sure this would work for couples penetration, since the tail isn't really long and I don't know if it would stay in place. This is a sort of half-caveat because I am only speculating. 

Caveat: It looks like a whale, not a dolphin. Where's the fin for a dolphin? Why such a big head and a small tail? I typed "whale" at least five times when writing this blog post. Just call it a whale, Paloqueth.

Final Thoughts

This whale Dolphin is a fun toy, and I keep coming back to it. I like the versatility, the strong vibrations, and the aesthetics. I also dig the simple remote control, even if my husband still hasn't given it back to me. This is an inexpensive toy, but it's still high quality. Paloqueth has done it again, and I'm happy to recommend this to all of you. 

Paloqueth provided this toy in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this toy for free does not affect my review. At the time of this posting, there are no affiliate links being used in this post. 

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