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  • Paloqueth Cordless Wand Massager

    Paloqueth Cordless Wand Massager
    Author: Kristan X     Origin: Kristan X When it comes to magic wands there are two main types. I think of the ones you plug in at a wall socket as the equivalent of the hefty, steam-powered vibrators of old: efficient, brute-force machines designed to excel at one very specific job. Battery-powered magic wands are their weedier cousins – smart rather than strong, and flexible enough...
  • Paloqueth Tongue Vibrator

    Paloqueth Tongue Vibrator
    Author: lascivity      Origin: lascivity When you imagine a vibrator, you probably envision something vaguely bullet-shaped. Modest, svelte, inconspicuous. The kind of thing that could be mistaken for a particularly rubbery tube of lipstick, perhaps. Not so with the Tongue Vibrator from Paloqueth. This thing looks like it was chopped off the end of an alien appendage. It does well out of the box. Unlike a lot of...
  • Paloqueth Wand Massager Review

    Paloqueth Wand Massager Review
    Author: The Naked Blogger      Origin: The Naked Blogger    Levitating orgasms to a new level with the Paloqueth Cordless Wand Massager   As an extremely sexually active woman, I am forever looking for new toys and gadgets that will enhance my orgasms, whether it be on my own or during intercourse. I’ve boxes overflowing with vibrators, dildos, beads and plugs. But one gadget I...
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