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  • Paloqueth – Lube Launcher

    Paloqueth – Lube Launcher
    Author: A Mess of Reviews   Origin: A Mess of Reviews    I am in the middle of packing and moving so here is another mini review for you all! I have always wanted to try a lube launcher even if just for the comedic value of squirting lube at someone. I was sent one from Paloqueth recently and found myself trying to think of the many uses...
  • Paloqueth Mermaid Vibrator

    Paloqueth Mermaid Vibrator
    Author: Petra Pan Origin: Petra Pan Firstly I’d like to say thank you to the team at Paloqueth for sending me the Mermaid Vibrator in exchange for my review. Paloqueth  I’ve tested some of Paloqueth’s toys before and loved them (check out my reviews of the tongue vibrator and vibrating dildo). Their website is bright, colourful and easy to navigate.  I’d recommend you check out the sale section!...
  • Paloqueth’s Anal Plug Set Review

    Paloqueth’s Anal Plug Set Review
    Author: The Casquetero Files  Origin: The Casquetero Files So lets deal with the elephant in the room: Yes, I do put stuff in my butt (for science, I swear)! If you are a straight guy, you probably do not want anything going inside your butt. We associate male anal sex with being gay, and that label is still a difficult one to deal with if...
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