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Paloqueth Cordless Wand Massager

Author: Kristan X     Origin: Kristan X

When it comes to magic wands there are two main types. I think of the ones you plug in at a wall socket as the equivalent of the hefty, steam-powered vibrators of old: efficient, brute-force machines designed to excel at one very specific job. Battery-powered magic wands are their weedier cousins – smart rather than strong, and flexible enough to be used in a variety of interesting ways.

The Cordless Wand Massager from Paloqueth falls into the second category. It’s an attractive number made of body safe plastic and silicone. Unlike some wands, it doesn’t even pretend to be a shoulder massager, but instead commits to a more svelte, all-black sex toy aesthetic. Size-wise it clocks in at about the length of a forearm. It’s comfortable to hold, easy to clean, and pretty simple to use.

And, even better, it works real well. The toy offers moderate power, but combines this with the variable patterns of a smaller, smarter vibe. You can pick three different power levels, and also switch between several pulsing/throbbing/rising-and-falling programs. The vibration patterns are smoother than your average wand, making for sensations that are sensuous rather than just intense.

There are also a few noteworthy things that aren’t core features, but are super nice. One of the indicator lights pulses in time with whatever pattern you’re currently enjoying, allowing whoever is using the vibe to see what’s going on even if they can’t feel or hear it. The head has a neat crystal-like shape, which doesn’t add anything functional, but sure does look nice.

The toy charges via USB, which plugs into a tiny, hidden socket at the far end from the head. The toy as a whole isn’t waterproof, but the business end is, so it’s easy enough to clean. It holds power well, and can last for a good two-hour session on just one charge. It even comes with a storage bag to keep it separate from your other toys.

If you’re looking for a magic wand vibe that – rather than just being powerful – offers you a high degree of control, works well, and is safe and easy to use, this guy’s your number. And, although nobody would ever mistake it for a shoulder massager, it also works extremely well for that purpose too.

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