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Paloqueth Butt Plug Set Review

Author: Submissives  Origin: Subsmissives

Dearest reader, I come to you today with news of a butt plug set which is spot on for those looking to get started.  Due to great fortune, I’ve been able to test out and review this set of 3 plugs from paloqueth.

The set features 3 plugs, a tube of lube, a douche and a lube applicator.  Yep, it really is everything you need in one box!  But are they any good?

There’s a few thing to look for when buying a butt plug, so let’s run through my check list and see if the butt plug set from paloqueth meets my criteria.

First, is the base.  I need to know that when a plug is in my butt, it’s not actually going to go into my butt.  Unwanted inward travel is a definite no-no for butt plugs, so having a decent base that is going to stop that travel is an absolute must.  Here, paloqueth have exactly what I’m looking for.  The butt plug set has a really nice T-bar type base, at 3.5 inches long it offers great reassurance.

The base is also nicely shaped that it fits along your butt crack reasonably comfy, the edge is rounded, and the end is tapered which I have found to be really comfortable.  It’s also pretty flexible, again affording great comfort.


Second criteria is a body safe material, and according to the blurb, these are manufactured from medical grade silicone, so another big tick from me.  It’s non-porous which means it won’t harbour any germs, so a decent wash with warm water and soap is enough to keep your butt plugs in a healthy state.  Silicone is both boilable and bleach solution safe too, so if you want to sterilise your butt plug set you can, woohoo.  Having used the set a few times now, I an report that this particular silicone is really nice, very smooth and silky to touch, and to boot, it doesn’t pick as much as fluff as some silicones!!

My third criteria for a butt plug is one that is easy to use, and again the whole butt plug set passes with flying colours.  By easy to use I mean it’s easy to actually insert it in your butt in the first place!  They all feature a soft pointy end with a graduated increase in girth to the widest part – perfect!  The silicone also helps here, since it is firm enough to respond when you push, but also the little bit of flex offers give to make insertion comfortable.

So, Paloqueth butt plug set, you appear to be just about perfect so far.

Let’s have a look at the stats of the plugs.

The first plug features a singular bulb, 1.5in in diameter and just over 2in insertable length.  The second features 2 bulbs, the lower, widest one being around 1.5in in diameter and 3.5in insertable.  The final plug features 3 bulbs in graduating size, with the final bulb being around 1.5in in diameter and 4.5in insertable.

What this means is that contradictory to first impressions, the longer plug is where I would recommend you start, since it offers the easier introduction, the smallest bulb being just 3/4in diameter.  The other plugs might be more suitable once you’re used to the larger bulb.   Don’t be worried about the length if all this is new to you, since your butt will easily take 4.5in and more.

This 3 bulb plug is my favourite of the butt plug set for sure.  I love the feel of a little stretch and then relax, and then a little more stretch and relax, and then a little more as the plug is slowly inserted.  I also feel as if I can feel it more than the others.

The single bulb plug though is also a favourite, and that’s because it fills that ‘I need something in my butt’ fix, and is great for longer term wear.

The middle one doesn’t get an awful lot of use because of my favouritism for the other 2.  Your favourite may be different, the set is definitely a good one to have.

So I’ve mostly spoken about the plugs, let’s not forget the douche and the lube & applicator.  The applicator is an interesting one, I’ve seen these before, never really thought I’d need one.  What it does do though is make it easier to apply the lube to your butt, and I suppose you could squirt some inside with it if you so desire.  Personally, I have no qualms about touching my butt, and am happy just to apply loads of lube to the plug that’ll smooth the entry.

The douche, is entirely effective, check out my guidance on douching here.

So I have no hesitation in recommending this butt plug set to you, and what I am absolutely amazed at is the bargain basement price for all this kit and in silicone too.

Buy from paloqueth here.

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