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Vacuum Pump
64 reviews
Vacuum Pump 64 reviews
Enthusiastic Pumps Up The unit comes with two different sized sleeves that create a seal at the base, and easy to understand and use controls (at the top of the unit). The pump is easy to use, but caution should...
HONEYBUNNY: All In One Penis Pump 70 reviews
Less work, more power The p*nis vacuum pump has several different suction options that maintain the vacuum between certain values, which means you just have to choose a level and let it do its thing! The er*ction pump has two...
Electric Vacuum Penis Pump with Pocket Pussy
Enhance Stamina Intensity: Penis pumps are designed to create a vacuum to improve blood flow to penis that can help to create healthy, firm erections. This automatic rechargeable vacuum penis pump takes the effort out of things by completing the...
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