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Automatic Anal Douche with 5 Spraying Speeds Back-Flow

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Product Description

A Fun Thorough Cleaning

To enjoy everything the exhilarating world of anal play has to offer, you can prepare for cleanliness, safety, and satisfaction. Never again worry about little accidents spoiling the mood, instead, allow this automatic enema bulb to give you a superior cleaning experience.

This electronic style enema bulb for women is completely innovative and definitely a welcome upgrade! If you already have a couple of the older style, manual squeeze, "bulb" style bulb. With the older styles, you had to worry about squeezing the bulb too hard, which manipulated the shape of the bulb. That usually led to leaks from where the spout screwed into the bulb and made a mess. However, that is NOT the case with this new electronic enema bulb. The spout it isn't as small as some of the straw-spouts that currently flood the market. The entire shaft is comfortable and the flared head hits all the right spots. Use lube with this enema bulb and you're in for a pleasurable experience while you freshen up. The bottle holds a good amount of water so it required less refills, and super convenient to use while in the shower. The streams of water are gentle and you can press a button to toggle through the various speeds that it offers. Let the enema bulb do the work while you enjoy all that it has to offer. Fill, rinse, repeat and you'll be good to go!

With five speeds, all powered by a button, the silicone reusable enema kit boasts five jet openings along the nozzle and has a design that prevents backflow. Rechargeable and waterproof, the anal cleaning kit also contains a weighted internal hose which means you can spray down your insides down from whatever angle and position you desire.

Feel fresh from the inside out as you unscrew the bulb and fill it with warm water. Gently insert the smooth, silicone nozzle and give the male enema bulb button a simple press to activate the sprinklers. Explore five speeds as the water sprays inside your pleasure center, ensuring there are no nasty surprises when it comes to the main event. Once the water is running clear, you're all set. The enema bulb's rechargeable battery means you're ready for an enema at a moment's notice, so you'll never be caught out again!

We would recommend starting with the lower settings, as water pressure isn’t really a necessary component of enemas. One feature of this particular travel douch/ that you will like is that this has a limited reservoir as opposed to the unlimited supply of a shower attachment because it would discourage folks from overdoing it.

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