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PALOQUETH Clitoral Sucking Vibrator (Seahorse)

Views:428     Author:Miss Aayden     Publish Time: 2018-11-08      Origin:Miss Aayden

PALOQUETH Clitoral Sucking Vibrator (Seahorse)

Not long ago I was contacted by a company I had never heard of called Paloqueth. Curiosity always get the best of me and I did some checking and it turns out that Paloqueth is an Amazon.com based company. I have been looking to review product from Amazon stores as it is considerably more affordable. I hope you find this as valuable to read as I found in testing and writing this.


This product was provided to me by Paloqueth for free, for an unbiased review. 

The Size Matters: 
Length: 6.8" 
Circumference: 1.7" 
USB rechargeable


The Pro Side: 
100% Silicone
Package is recyclable
Charging Cable
USB Rechargeable
Quiet Vibrations and Suction
Section for Clitoral Stim and Pin-point Clitoral Vibe


The Con Side:
Non Replaceable Suction Head
When left in the off state overnight, charge depletes.


My Personal Experience:  On first touch of this little toy I was in heaven. The silicone is amazing and it just happens to be in my favourite color. This little guy I have dubbed My Seahorse because its so cute and the original name is too long, yet very accurate.


My seahorse is extremely powerful. This little toy is a two in one deal with the head and nose area being the clitoral suction. That has 3 suction settings, firm, oh my and it sticks to my hand. What is also nice about this little seahorse suction head is its wider and flared, allowing more surface area to be covered on your genital area. I also have to say that this little “sucker” does wonders on the nipples too. The only downside to the Seahorse clitoral suction end is the cup is not removable for cleaning like the Womanizer original toy of this type.


Now onto the tail end of this little Seahorse powerhouse. The tail houses the vibrator and wow is it intense. It has 3 power settings as well but it has inter changing rhythms/ patterns that are equally well thought out.  The tail falls down into a soft rounded point that you can use to target a certain area. I personally am not one for patterns but the intensity of my little seahorse is unbelievable. As a clitoral target, it was intense sensation couple that with switching between ends was amazing. This is a toy that I would recommend if you like forced orgasms or prolonged orgasm play.


A submissive Experience:  As of late, I am female lacking but I can tell you my little seahorse works on areas of men too. Especially if they love to have their nipples played with or enjoy CBT.  My little seahorse came away with glowing (rosy cheeked) and glowing (sweating) reviews. Of the 3 subs this little wonder was on, The nipple play with the suction was the clear winner but the runner up was the vibrator to the glanis  of the penis was a wig win for moans. Being able to target very specific spots of the body makes this a much loved vibrator.


Miss Aayden's Final Note: Paloqueth is an Amazon.ca company as such I was so thrilled to do some reviews for them. I have never ordered from Amazon so I have to say I was happily surprised with the shipping. Plain box well packed and no damage whatsoever. 


Paloqueth takes pride in their product, it very clear. The package is very plain and discreet. Packaging is also recyclable so that is a huge plus or you can use the box for storage like I intend to do. However my little seahorse comes with its own power cord and travel bag should you want to take him along for a weekend get away. 


The plus really outweighs the negative on this one. The down side being the charge overnight depletes the battery. So this is a plan ahead toy, however it take only two hours to charge fully. The non  removable suction head for cleaning is preferred but my seahorse cleans up beautiful every time. 


The buttons work well yet were a bit trick with solo play however with a partner, no issues whatsoever. It is nice and quiet so it won’t disturb neighbours like some toys do. 

Overall, this is an amazing toy and so happy to have it in my collection. The selling point for me hands down was being able to have both the vibration and suction going at once or being able to turn one off and leave the other on. 


No matter weather you are a couple or just on your own, kinky or vanilla as they come you will have to find a spot of this little gem in your tickle trunk.


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