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Intelligent Tongue Licking Clip Suction Cup With 10 Vibration & 5 suction

$89.90 $69.99
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Product Description
  1. Features
  2. · Bare sleeve. hold the sleeve to adjust the tightness.
     · Sexy lips entrance. strong visual stimulation.
     · 10 Vibration & 5 suction. take care of every inch of your penis.
     · Built-in dense tongue-like flat protrusions. simulate the tongue-tip teasing.
     · One-click climax makes you feel the strongest sense of vibration and suction
     · USB charging. can be used repeatedly.
     · Easy to clean, channels can be rinsed directly with water
  1. Descriptions

    This is a masturbator with powerful vibration and suction.which continuously sucks your dick with moderate vibration.The plump and elastic silicone sleeve which is shaped into 4 connected hollow balls will bring you different feelings of scratching. Just like your girlfriend's soft mouth, while sucking your dick, keep stirring her naughty tongue. It's really addicting!The naked sleeve provides convenience for you to adjust the tightness of the channel. which makes up for the shortcomings of most masturbation cups that have a hard shell and cannot be pinched. This toy superior to all manual masturbation products. Sexy lips with 10 Vibration & 5 suction rotation of the inner tongue tip will put you in an erotic wonderland.
  1. Instructions

    ① Please fully charge it before use, please use a 5V charger, the red signal light flashes when charging, and the light goes out when fully charged
    ② Press and hold the switch to turn on the power and enter standby mode
    ③ Short press the switch key to enter the first gear vibration mode, press the 10 gears in sequence, 1-3 gears are incremental enhancement, 4-10 gears are infinitely         variable, stop after 10 gears, and then press to cycle in turn
    ④ Short press the sucking button to enter the first gear sucking mode, press the 5 gears in turn, 1-5 increase in increments, and cycle 5 in turn.
    ⑤ Long press the deflation button to deflate, release to stop
    ⑥ In any gear and mode, long press the switch to shut down
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