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Automatic Male Masturbator Cup

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$79.99 $59.69
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Product Description
  2. Rechargeable Luxury Masturbator Surrounds Your Shaft with Vibration, Suction & Warmth
  2. Suction Stimulates Your Wood with the Power of Air Pressure
  2. Soft & Flexible Inner TPE Sleeve Takes you in up to 5.3-in Deep
  2. 【Get Seduced by 3 Powerful Suction Speeds】Add a little water-based lube for comfort, then insert your shaft into the textured tunnel. Press the automatic button to activate the suction. You’ll feel gentle air pressure from the inside of the masturbator. Enjoy the thrill of steady suction settings. Or keep pressing the control button to explore suction patterns. You can even enhance the suction in the chamber by pressing the manual suck button!
  4. 【Inner Bullet with 3 Speeds &7 Frequency Vibrations】 If suction alone doesn’t push you over the edge, the penis masturbator’s powerful vibration will. Press the vibrating button to start up wild vibrations. You’ll get thrilling low, medium, and high speeds. All those vibrations totally surround the tunnel, stimulating you from every angle. When you add vibrations to the suction, you’re in for a whirlwind pleasure session.
  6. 【Warms up for the Ultimate Lifelike Fantasy】Make the men masturbation toy feel just like the real thing with the included heating rod on the cover to warm up the sleeve in 10-15 minutes. Automatically keeps constant temperature at 107℉to stop overheating. Then, start playing and let the heat catch up with you! Once warm, the inner sleeve feels so real and lifelike. Combine the warming with the suction and vibration, it’s got the perfect fantasy feel for an incredible stroke.
  8. 【Pleasurable Nodules Chambers to Intensify Arousal】The 5.3-in insertable tunnel is lined with special ribs that massage and stimulate your head and shaft while you pump away with this male sex toy. Measuring 5.3 inches in circumference, the TPE tunnel is perfect for accommodating average-sized men, giving you all the pleasure of a regular masturbator without having to worry about tearing it after only a few uses. Suggested Maximum Diameter: 1.7 inches.
  10. 【Easy Cleaning and Discreet Packaging】The men masturbator cup will be delivered to you in discreet and unmarked packaging. Once you get your new masturbator, you should detach the inner TPE sleeve and rinse it off under water before using it for the first time. After each use, you need to wash the sleeve in warm, soapy water and rinse it clean. ONLY THE INSERT IS WATERPROOF AND WASHABLE!
Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
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Great suction power

This is a great upgrade to other masturbators. It has a vibrating function along with suction and a speaker and headphone jack for the moan settings, there are 2 different but they aren't the best(my only real complaint is how fake they sound) Inside the box it comes with the charger and instructions along with small water based lube and the cover is a warming stick for the sleeve.

Enjoy my new toy.

I normally dont like vibrations in a toy, but this thing is awesome. Has a unique feeling. What's even better is the price point of this toy. I would suggest this toy.

Manolito C.
Feels like a Blow Job with a Warm Throat

This is almost human-like, it has a warming rod to warm the sleeves, I suggest you read the instructions very well and prepare it ahead of time. If you have a camera holder you can attach it for a hands free, I just love this sex toy, I could use it whenever & as long as I want at the privacy of my room. Fully charge first the battery then transfer the cable to warming rod to warm the sleeves, no need to worry of overheating once it reached 107��f it will stay on that temperature, I suggest to warm it 15 to 20 minutes for a warm throat like blow job. The only part that you can detach is the sleeves, wash it with water & mild anti bacterial soap then dry it with towel, then insert back the white bullet, that��s where the diffirent vibration and suction is coming from. I like having sex toys like these especially coming from a brand PALOQUETH because they have warranty and excellent customer service if I have issues with the product A lot of guys are busy with work and diffirent stuff and sometimes even if we have girlfriends or married, there will be time they are not available or not in the mood for sex so sex toys like these are very helpful.

Very impressive

This is a very impressive toy. It's resembles the actually thing pretty well. This is a toy where you don't want to thrust into it. It has a suction feature that you just allow it to handle the sucking. The vibration feature is really nice as well. if you have a mount, it has a part on the bottom that can really allow it to be hands free. Very easy to clean

John C.
This device sucks!!! Literally...

As you can see, the size is very manageable. It is just a bit longer that a pencil. It is easy to clean and charges very quickly. The heating element is very clever and works well. Remember to charge that as well. Very discreet packaging, a Paloqueth standard. Great product. I enjoyed my first experience very much. Ok, now in to some advice using it: 1. Don't use this if you are "in a hurry" or short on time. This is more subtle than the rotating and thrusting device, so it needs more time to enjoy. 2. Make sure you are fully relaxed. That helps allot to get the full sensations of the sucking function. 3. The vibrator function takes a little practice. I found that it was to strong on a couple settings and overpowered the sucking function. (YOU MAY ENJOY THE STRONGER SETTINGS I KNOW). A trick I found was to PRESS the vibrate function when the device was "pulling in," and then release when it's letting go. I am sure you will find your own way to use this device, I just wanted to share my experience.

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