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2022 New Upgraded 13LB Adult Butt Doll with 5 Suction Vibrations

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Product Description

Suction vibration butt: It is composed of 6kg TPR butt + suction vibration motor accessories + remote control. The main function is to simulate the suction function + vibration function, to achieve internal suction channel (5-frequency suction function), so that the product experience is enhanced, bid farewell to the traditional simple self-pulling and inserting. The vibration function is 5-frequency cycle vibration. The product can be self-cleaning in the channel, and the tap water can be poured into the channel and discharged from the drain end.


Remote Control Instructions:

1.Suction key: Press and hold for three seconds, the remote power-on indicator is always on, and the host is in the power-on state, click to turn on the suction function. A total of 5 frequency cycles, long press for three seconds to turn off the remote control function, and the host will be turned off synchronously.

2. Exhaust button: Click the exhaust button, and the exhaust will be automatically exhausted during work.

3. Vibration key: Click to turn on the vibration, a total of 5 frequency cycles, press and hold for 3 seconds to pause the vibration, and then click to turn on the vibration.

4, switch machine: the host power button. Press and hold for three seconds to power on. The indicator light is always on after power on. The vibration motor and the suction motor are in the standby state, click the vibration motor and the suction motor to turn on the vibration and suction mode, a total of dual 5-frequency cycle modes, press and hold for 3 seconds in the power-on state to turn off.

Remote Control for Hands-free Fun

The special thing is that the electric doll has a function of automatic sucking and vibration. You can operate the remote control to achieve an effect you want. There is a button switch on the side of the doll and a remote control. And it also has two hoses for sucking and exhausting, which are completely connected to hands; ordinary dolls do not have such a function, and they are completely operated manually.

Magnetic Charging

The pocket butt is magnetic rechargeable, conveniently recharge it with the included charging cable for 1.5h and the fun lasts for 1h around. The magnetic charging design allow the doll to reach IPX7 waterproof level for wet wild play and easy clean.


Cleaning and Care Information

1. Only use water-based lubricants such as water-based lube with TPE Material. Never use silicone-based lubricants, massage oil or hand cream as they degrade the TPE Material of the device.

2. Clean the toy with warm water and mild soap after every use.

3. Please clean the toy thoroughly under running water.

4. Pat dry with clean lint-free cloth first and then let it air dry before putting the toy in storage. Do not use any type of heater or blow dryer.

5. Sprinkle talcum powder on the sex doll, but only on the outside. This ensures its preservation. Storing the sex doll in a dry environment

6. Store in a cool, dark place to ensure product longevity.Never store in direct sunlight.

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