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Paloqueth Penis Ring Set

Penis Ring Set,PALOQUETH Premium Stretchy Silicone Cock Rings Set for Men Longer Harder Stronger Erection

Price: $ 12.99
Discount Price: $ 10
  • Paloqueth
  • Silicone

penis ring

Product Features

♥  Long lasting erection,  makes your penis harder than ever

♥  Medical silicone, body safe material

♥  Effective time delay,  couples can reach orgasm at the same time

♥  Car tire design, add friction in sex activities

♥  Stretchy and flexible 

♥  3 O-rings +  1 Ball Holster Ring

Brief Introduction

Make Your Penis Harder

This penis ring set will make your thing harder, which is the most important function of the lock ring. It is a little tight around the bottom of penis, preventing the circulation of blood, which makes it more congested and harder than usual.


penis rings

Make Your Penis Bigger

Because the penis ring stops the flow of blood, it makes penis bigger, allowing men to go deeper and make your lovemaking better.


penis rings

Make Your Penis More Sensitive

Using this penis ring makes men become more sensitive. Because of this, when making love, you need to adjust your position and find a perfect way to make your love adapt your different and sensitive state.


penis rings

Make Lovemaking Last Longer

If your girlfriend is not easy to reach orgasm, it will be a good choice to use this penis ring set. The ball holster ring will lock the semen and let man do not disarm so fast. In this state, both sides will be able to enjoy and experience an orgasm more intense than ever.


penis rings

Bring More Stimulation and Fun

Sex toys can always bring our libido to the highest point, and the novelty of toys can make us feel more excited and involved. If you have been accustomed to a lovemaking pattern for a long time and your experience is not updated, may even be worse and worse, try to change your daily sexual life with this penis ring set, the arrival of the new elements and postures will give you an unexpected experience.


penis rings

Notice & Attention

1. Please do not use more than 30 minutes at a time as prolonged use without removal may result in injury to the penis.

2. When you are already very hard, don't force to put it on. It will be easier to wear it when you are slightly hard.

3. Water based lubricant is absolutely necessary, not only to make it easier to wear, but also to help remove the penis rings smoothly.


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