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Paloqueth Lubricant Launchers

Lubricant Launchers with Marking for Precision & Mess-free Use, PALOQUETH Lube Applicator Shooter with Smooth Rounded Tip, Reusable Durable,Easy to Clean (2 Pack)

Price: $ 13.99
Discount Price: $ 10
  • Paloqueth
  • ABS


Product Features

♥  Body-safe material, no harm to human body        

♥  Precise scale, 10ml large capacity for use     

♥  Smooth round tip allows for easy insertion

♥  2 PCS for sex pleasure for couples      

♥  Easy grip with loops according to ergonomics   

♥  No-leakage 

♥  Easy to clean

Brief Introduction

Healthy and Safe

Paloqueth lubricator is made of environmentally friendly ABS, which is odourless and tasteless. It has past all the strict tests and reached high standard before going to the market.


lubricant launcher

Precise Scale

For customers' convenience, we specially design 10ml capacity to satisfy your needs. Usually, for vigina and anal, 3ml lubricant is enough for use and for masturbator cup, 2ml lubricant is enough. As for sex doll, 3.5ml is enough.


lubricant launcher

2Pcs/Set, One for Man, One for Woman

Paloqueth designs this with two lubricant launchers together in a pack, which allows couples to use and play at the same time. Furthermore, it will be much safer and healthier for both of you.


lubricant launcher

Easy to Load and Insert

This lubricant launcher is not only incredible smooth to pull up and load, but also easy to insert with a round tip. Therefore it certainly makes sex much more fluid as well.


lubricant launcher

Compatible with All Types of Lube

PALOQUETH lubricant launcher is made of high-quality plastic, so it does not break easily and is fully compatible with water, silicone, and even oil-based lubricants.


lubricant launcher

Notice & Attention

1. Once only load one kind of lubricant, before using other lubricant, please wash and clean the lubricant launcher.

2. Please do not use for anal and vigina at the same time, to avoid cross contamination.

3. Please disinfect with alcohol after using.

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