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236ml Water Based Lube

56 reviews
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Product Description
  2. Water-based lubricants are the most widely used lubricants, and they are specially formulated for a totally natural feel. Paloqueth water based lube gives additional moisture and ensures long lasting lubrication, as well as caring for and protects dry, stressed skin as it goes on super slippery and stays that way longer than other lubes to intensify your comfort and satisfaction.
  4. One of the biggest benefits of using water-based lubricants is that they are water-soluble. The simple ingredients also make it a option for you: clear, odorless, flavorless and spermicide-free -- the purest formula ever! Just a tiny amount of Paloqueth water lube goes a long way! And water based makes cleanup so much easier because lube can be washed off your sheet almost effortlessly.
  6. Using lube can be a simple and easy way to enjoy a more satisfying life: our lubricant is non-sticky and non greasy which is ideal for everyday use. It stays in place where you want it, lasts longer and creates a more enjoyable experience
  2. The ratios of ingredients used in Paloqueth lubricant water based have been undergone optimization with focus on performance for the intended use.
  4. Personal lubricant is long lasting and not sticky and or tacky like most water based lubes, yet thick enough you get it where you want it.
  2. PALOQUETH lube for women does not have any weird chemical smell and it does not leave a dark stain on clothes or sheets.
  • Best quality with an excellent price-You can look up prices for other name brands, most of them are more expensive for less lube.
  2. Laboratory and Clinically Tested-Each ingredient is carefully chosen to keep the delicate pH balance of the vagina intact while boosting intimate pleasure.
Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
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Best lubricant I’ve found

paloqueth is the best lubricant I’ve found , I’ve had a hysterectomy and suffered from personal dryness . Paloqueth lube is non sticky , non greasy , doesn’t stain or burn like almost everything else on the market . I hope it never get discontinued because it is the one for me .


Very effective Water Based Lubricant

I thought I had written a review but realized i gave feedback. The product is quite an effective water based lubricant. How it is advertised pretty much is dead on with regards to the product. When you get the product it is well sealed in plastic wrapping so you need to cut that to get to it. Also upon opening the bottle you will find there is a mini semi-metallic like sealant cap under the screw cap you need to remove this to use the lube.. I want to comment that manufacturers that do this provide added security to the product meaning that it is tamperproof within those safety guards. Also it is vacuum-sealed insuring freshness. I always use a little and build up as needed. I was also curious how it would be with application of water. It was consistent in how I figured it would rehydrate and keep its slippery consistency. After exposure to it, I was also curious how it would be if it wasn't washed off immediately and I had no issues with it. I have found with water based lubricants that water will eventually wash it off but for the initial amount of usage, the water can extend its slippery nature. Just use a little bit - the more water you add the greater the chance it will wash it off. Please note I put Longevity at 4 star because of the nature of the lube, being water based it will dry out after rubbing a little bit so this is why I recommend adding a little water or adding more lube. The pics I uploaded were the product unwrapped, opened and then my rubbing with my fingers upon applying. You can see after some rubbing the liquid appears to dry but the surface of the skin is slick yet it can easily dry with added rubbing. So adding a little water will replenish that slickness. And of course adding more product will do the same. I make mention to add water as then it will extend the amount of the product you have. I would buy this again, in fact I will be getting the larger bottle. Thank you.

paloqueth-official 236ml Water Based Lube Review

Must have for happy couples

Really good quality lube. The bottle is pretty big too so it should last me a while. I like that it doesn't have too many ingredients as other popular lubes have so many chemicals that can be problematic when used in such a sensitive area. Overall I'm impressed with the affordability and quality of this lube and will definitely restock in the future.

paloqueth-official 236ml Water Based Lube Review
Xavier B.

Water Based Personal Lubricant

Well Packaged - lube came inside a small box and the lube contained was sealed in a plastic wrap. Neutral aroma Good Value ($/ounce) Smooth/Slippery not sticky Obtained in one day from Amazon Prime Great low cost way to add lube to online adult toy purchases Works well with / without condoms and is ideal for adult toys

paloqueth-official 236ml Water Based Lube Review

Silky smooth, last long time

This is great lube, easy clean up, but doesn't wash right away when a little water hits it. It's not runny, so it stays where you put it. highly recommend and will buy again.

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