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PALOQUETH 4 Butt Plugs 1 Enema Set

Butt Plug Anal Sex Training Kit for Beginners Experienced Users, PALOQUETH Anal Sex Toy Set with Suction Cup Safe Hands Free Play, 100% Silicone, 4 Butt Plugs 1 Enema 1 Lube 1 Lube Shooter

Price: $ 21.99
Discount Price: $ 17.69
  • Silicone
  • 01829200

♥  These plugs are great trainers for anal play. The tips are nicely rounded, the shape is nice with a gradual curve to the biggest part of the bulb and after it's in it will stay in place until you're ready to remove it.

♥  It's made out of soft and silky silicone so no PVC or harmful chemicals for your body, making for easy insertion, and there are no rough seams or snags. They're flexible yet firm, which feels amazing once inside. 

♥  The suction at the bottom is big enough to makes you feel secure in knowing that these plugs will not be going any further than intended. In result saving you an embarrassing trip to the ER.

♥  There are 4 plugs instead of 3. Some of the other kits only include 3 plugs which go small, big, huge and are the same price. If you like having more of a variety in size, Paloqueth 5 peice kits is your best choice.

♥  We recommend this trainer kit to anyone looking to start or advance into anal play with themselves or their partner. Male or female, come one come all ;) Try this kit, you won't be disappointed!

Perfect for beginners and advanced anal enthusiasts!

From beginners through to advanced users, this butt plug set has a size for everyone. Smooth, tapered tips for easy insertion and smooth, slender bulbs make them the perfect shape for sensual, fulfilling anal play - simply start with the smallest one and work your way up to the largest member.

Made from high quality silicone for comfort and hygiene

The material it's made out of is extremely nice, it's soft and smooth, with no imperfections, and not at all like that sticky rubber feeling stuff. Stiff enough to make insertion easy but still flexible enough to be comfortable. Make sure to clean these before and after use. Very warm water and a mild antibacterial soap will be sufficient enough.

There are 4 plugs instead of 3

Some of the other kits on here only include 3 plugs and are the same cost. We guess it depends on personal preference but for most users, you will like having more of a variety in size. I also noticed that some of the complaints on the 3 peices kits were the transition from plug to plug. It basically went small, big, huge. And for a beginner that is not always ideal.

Super-strong suction cup base

Great for a masturbation session in the shower since you can use the suction cup on the wall or squat down on the edge of the tub while going at it. They really help relax and let in more of the good stuff. Much better than trying to buy various cucumbers!

Wear during foreplay and sex to intensify pleasure

If you or your partner has been curious about anal play....this is the way to start! They are comfortable and pleasurable to both partners if you leave in the the anus when having 'doggie style' vaginal sex... there is more naughty fun for you to discover!

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